Audio tour «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk»

     Lviv is very different – funny, thoughtful, dreamy, in love. There are many events in the city, so every day it is different. Everyone can reveal all the city secrets on his/her own. With 3 audio tours you will learn the city’s history, visit all the important sites and monuments, and plan your time by yourself as well. Wandering through the Lion’s City, you can at any time make a little break to drink coffee, buy souvenirs and take pictures. It’ll help you to most deeply dive into the past of Lviv and learn the city as it is.

     «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk» – opening of history, mysteries and legends of the city. Lviv City Hall, a smiling lion, city arsenal, pharmacy museum, Italian courtyard, Armenian quarter ... Every house has its own unique history. Sculptures of lions, aroma of coffee and chocolate, temples and museums – a journey that will reveal Lviv’s heart.

You can download audio tour by clicking on the link below:
 Audio tour «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk». Part 1
 Audio tour «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk». Part 2
 Audio tour «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk». Part 3
 Audio tour «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk». Part 4

Map of route «Mid-City of Lviv: a foot walk»

The project «Eastern European pearls: development and promo-tion of transboundary city tourism products»

The project «Eastern European pearls: development and promo-tion of transboundary city tourism products» is an international project of transboundary cooperation of the 6 Eastern Europe cities: Lublin, Zamocs and Przeworsk (Poland), Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Kolomiya (Ukraine).

The project is implemented under co-financing of the European Union within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013.

The overall project goal is to joint efforts, experience and resources of all stakeholders – local government, business, NGOs – to transform the city tourism into industry that is dynamically developing, generates local income, stimulates community development and welfare of citizens.

Main achievements:
•    Creation of audio tours in 5 languages: Ukrainian, Polish, English, German and Russian.
•    Development and printing of tourist maps for audio tours in 3 languag-es.
•    Installing of information signs for tourists.
•    Development of new tourist promotional materials.
•    Surveying of tourism industry.
•    Establishing close contacts between the main actors of tourist markets.
•    Conducting exchange visits for tour operators.
•    Organization of press tours through the project cities for tourism reviewers.
•    Development of the Strategy of Joint Actions for all key project partici-pants.
•    Organization of the Transboundary Forum.

According to the World Tourism Organization, individual tourists make up to 70% of the total number of tourists in the world and provide the most revenue.