“Lviv Tourism Development Centre” Lviv commercial communal enterprise was established by Lviv city council in accordance with the solution of the City Council of 10/23/2008. №  2137 and is subject to the Office of Tourism of Lviv City Council. 

Tourist Information Centre is a division of “Lviv Tourism Development Centre”, which was established in September 2009.

“Lviv Tourism Development Centre” was established to:
- Increase tourism attractiveness of the city;
- Promote social and economic development of the city through streamlining and development of tourism as a priority economic activity;
- Provide tourist information services.

If you have any questions about activity of “Lviv Tourism Development Centre” or proposals for cooperation, please contact us:

1 RynokSquare, office 103

tel.: (032) 254 60 84

e-mail: tdc@city-adm.lviv.ua



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