Lviv Tourist Barometr

Lviv tourism barometer becomes more accessible

Tourist arrivals statistics becomes more accessible. From now on every one can browse general information on a number of tourists, entered by hotels, hostels, tourist information centers and airport  at the project’s cite This information will be also available at the official web-site of Lviv Tourist Information Centre, in social media - Vkontakte and Facebook. 

The data will be updated at the end of each month, reflecting dynamic of tourist flows in the city. Lviv tourism barometer statistics is used by project participants to make special tourism offers, to conduct analysis of Lviv tourism market and to built an effective strategy for Lviv development.

Lviv tourism barometer:
  •      Online system of anonymous data collection on dynamic of tourist flows in the city 
  •      Up-to-date information about the state of Lviv tourism market 
  •      Accurate quantitative and qualitative information from the project participants 
  •      Opportunity to create special offers for the visitors
  •      Chance to have personal position in tourism market of the city