Antonych Bohdan-Ihor

Activity: poet
Years: 1909 - 1937
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian poet , novelist, translator and literary critic . He studied at John Casimir University of Lviv . As a student of the University Antonych was a well-known member of literary and social life of the Western Ukraine's capital; was a member of the student group of Ukrainian Studies as a part of Scientific section of the "Education supporters" Society. Antonych assiduously studied the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature. After he died and the Western Ukraine was included into the USSR, Antonych was banned as apolitical poet. Only in 1960s he turned to be an interesting figure in the Ukrainian diaspora, and then in the Soviet Union. His poems have been translated into many languages. In 1989 a memorial plaque was set on the house No. 50 on Horodotska Str., where he lived as well as in his homeland in Nowica (Poland).