Bahenskyi Ivan

Activity: architect
Years: 1883 - 1967
Community: ukrainian
Lviv architect and pedagogue.Studied in Kerch and Warsaw.Graduaded from Lviv Polytechnic School. Before World War II his projects were used for the construction of 11 buildings. In 1915 he moved to Sevastopol and worked on the construction of Naval Collegeas senior assistant to architect Olexander Vensan. Most of Bahenskyi’s works belong to Neoclassicism. At the end of interwar period he focused on Functionalism. His projects in Lviv are: house of L. Hirsha on 44 Konovaltsia Str., rental house of Zhuravskoi on 6 Bohuna Str., house of F. Monchynskogo on 8 Bohuna Str., house on 68 Chuprynky Str., house on 6 Hertsena Str., houses on 8-10 Novakivskogo Str. (1912), modern style houses with Classicism elements on 12, 37, 37а Kotliarevskogo Str. (1913-14), house on 23 Stusa Str., villas in Neoclassicism style on 150 Franka Str. (1925) which nowadays places Ivanko Franko Museum, house of General Insurance Association on 12 Zelena Str. (1937-39) (today it is Medical University building), sports complex of Lviv Polytechnic (1950-52).