Balaban Majer Samuel

Activity: historian
Years: 1877 - 1942
Community: jew
One of the most outstanding historians of Polish and Galician Jews, and the founder of Polish Jewish historiography, a representative of Orientalism. During 1895-97 studied law at Lviv University. During 1902-04 studied at the Faculty of History. Worked in Lviv as well as in Warsaw where he was a professor of Warsaw University. He is the author of many works about Jews in Ukraine, Poland, Austria. He proved that the oldest Lviv Jewish community appeared at Princely time (kniazha doba) on the site near Pidzamche. Introduced to the scientific community many documents on the history of Jews in Lviv in 16-19th centuries.He died in the Warsaw ghetto in 1942.Was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw.One of the streets in the downtown of Lviv is named after him (Majer Balaban Street, Lviv).