Bandinelli Roberto

Activity: sculptor
Years: - 1651
Community: italian
He was a Florentine merchant and postmaster of Lviv (Lwów) in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was a competitor to the postal service run by the Montelupi family since Sebastiano Montelupi had been appointed master of the royal post at Kraków in 1568. Roberto was the elder brother of Angelo Maria Bandinelli, also a postmaster of the Commonwealth. While in Kraków, he engaged in commercial manipulations and shady trade agreements with local merchants in the textile market, which brought him incredibly large profits, but also resulted in numerous litigations.[2] Within a few years he had moved to Lviv. On 4 March 1629 Bandinelli obtained royal license from Sigismund III Vasa to run two postal services from Lviv: one, to what is now Gdańsk through Zamotja (Zamość), Lublin, Warsaw and Toruń; and another one, to Kraków, through Jarosław, Rjashiv and Tarnów. Each of the services was weekly, with the mails leaving every Saturday. The post office was housed in Bandinelli's home, a kamienica on Lviv market square that is now known as the Bandinelli Palace. In later years he expanded his deliveries to include the entire territory of Ruthenia.