Barvinskyi Bohdan

Activity: scientist
Years: 1880 - 1958
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian historian, bibliographer , archivist , teacher. Ph.D. in 1907. A full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society (1914). A graduate of the Lviv Academic Gymnasium . He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Lviv University . He worked in the Regional archive of urban and provincial deeds in Lviv. In 1939-41 – Director of Lviv University Library; in 1942-1944 - a librarian in the " People's House "; in 1944-47 - senior researcher , chaired the Department of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences Library in the Ukrainian SSR. He researched the history of the nobility , education and church in Ukraine . Bohdan Barvinskyi is the author of many scientific works, articles and reviews in Ukrainian , German and Polish.