Barvinskyi Oleksander

Activity: politician
Years: 1947 - 1926
Community: ukrainian
Oleksander Barvinskyi was born in Shliakhtyntsi, a village near Ternopil in Western Ukraine into the family of a Ukrainian Catholic priest. The noble Barvinski Family was mentioned in Red Ruthenia (area known today as Eastern Galicia or Western Ukraine) from the early 16th century. In 1865 he entered Lviv University, the Faculty of Philisophy, studied history and Ukrainian language and literature. From 1888 he began teaching at Lviv's teacher's seminary (lived in Lviv). Barvinskyi was an active member of social and political life of Galicia. Barvinsky was one of the initiators of the "New Era" policy among Ukrainian political leaders, calling for rapprochement between Poles, Austrian government and Ukrainians. But it failed. In 1891-1907 he was a member of the Austrian Parliament. From 1894 until 1904 he was a member of the local Galician Diet (the late 19th century parliament of the Austro-Hungarian Galicia in Eastern Europe). In 1894 he established the Faculty of History of Ukraine at Lviv University and invited Mykhailo Hrusheskyi to be a lecturer. Oleksander Barvinskyi was buried in the family tomb at the Lychakiv cemetery.