Barvinskyi Vasyl

Activity: composer
Years: 1888 - 1963
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian composer, pianist, conductor, teacher, musicologist, and music related social figure. Barvinskyi was one of the first Ukrainian composers who gained worldwide recognition. A leader of the Union of Ukrainian professional musicians. Barvinskyi gained professional music education in Lviv conservatory. Barvinsky continued his music education in Prague in 1907. Entered the Departmant of Philosophy at Charles University where he visited lectures of prominent check musician. His first works he created in Lviv. In 1915 he returned to Lviv and worked as a professor and director of Lviv National Musical Academy named after M. Lysenko. He did pedagogical work and was a conductor of “Boyan” Choir. In 1939-41 and 1944-48, serving as a director of Lviv Conservatory and a head of  Lviv Composers Union, he wrote a number of vocal works. In the early 1948 he was arrested. In the People's Commissariat for State Security he was forced to sign a document “I allow to destroy my manuscripts”. Barvinskyi was buried at the family tomb in the Lychakiv cemetery.