Bilczewski Jozef

Activity: archbishop
Years: 1900 - 1923
Community: polish
Catholic archbishop of the city of Lviv. During his archdiocese a number of priests, male and female religious congregations extremely increased. He initiated the construction of more than 300 churches and over 100 parishes in the archdiocese of Lviv alone. He was a member of Regional School Board and several scientific institutions. During the World War I he was one of the people who created committees of relief for the workers of Galicia severely touched by the war and shortages of food. In 1913 together with other Catholic bishops opposed the electoral reform to the Diet of Galicia promoted by Galician governor M. Bobzhynskyi. During the Polish-Ukrainian War of 1918 and the Siege of Lviv, he was responsible for the organization of food convoys for the besieged city.