Blotnicki Tadeusz

Activity: sculptor
Years: 1858 - 1928
Community: polish
Sculptor, a representative of academic art.Worked in Lviv and Krakow. He made his first works in 1872-1874 in Lviv. In 1874 he finished Lviv School. Created a workshop in the stone house o fcountess R. Lanckoronska on 11 Tretiogo travnia Str. (nowadays it is Sichovyh Striltsiv Str.; the house hasn’t been preserved). One more workshop he founded on 9 Sapigy Str. (nowadays Bandery Str.) In 1907-1910 he taught sculpture and ornamental figure at Lviv Polytechnic. Bolotnytskyi’s works are: plaster portrait medallions of A. Mickiewicz , J. Level, W. Pol , made in 1872 in Lviv, purchased by Plato Kostecki; monument to Franciszek Smolka in Lviv; St. Elizabeth statue on the facade of the church of St. Elizabeth in Lviv , Baroque silver reliquary of blessed Jacub Strepafor Latin Cathedral; such tombstones at Lychakiv cemetery as the tomb of Lviv City Mayor Michal Michalski, the grave of actor Gustav Fischer; a number of monumental decorative works for residential buildings in Lviv. In particular the relief "Pikluvannia" on the facade of the building insurance company on 3 Kopernyka Str., 6 reliefs of the building on the current 15 Kotsylovskogo Str., statues of knights and mascarons of the house number 12 on Sichovych Striltsiv Str., memorial plaque with the relief depiction of Severyn Hoshchynskyi on the house number 2 on Fredra Str. Quite possible he was the author of the knights statues of the house number 11 on Valova Street.