Boim George

Activity: politician
Years: 1537 - 1617
Community: hungarian
Lviv citizen. On his portrait of 17th century on the Boim Family Chapel you will notice his name – George (Yurii). He came to Lviv for the first time in 1576 to the court of Prince Stefan Batoriy, the future king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the coronation of Stefan Batoriy George Boim became his secretary. Later on he settled in Lviv and married Catherine Jadwiga Nyzhnevska and switched from protestant to catholic denomination. He led a successful trade of Hungarian wine and cloth and was one of the richest citizens of Lviv, a local government councilor, and a mayor of the city. George Boim was the founder of the kind that existed in Ukraine till the end of the 17th century. Several outstanding personalities belonged to this kind, particularly the eldest son, the government councilor, and the court doctor Paul Yuriy Boim and the grandson of George Boim ,one of the first European explorers of China, Michael Boim. At the cemetery of Latin Cathedral he established family Chapel that was built , probably, by Andrii Bemer from Wroclaw. The east wall is decorated with two fresco portraits of the Chapel founder George Boim and his wife Jadwiga made by Italian painter Giovanni Giani. One more portarait of Yurii-George Boim has been preserved in the Chapel’s interior.