Drahomanov Mykhailo

Activity: public figure
Years: 1841 - 1895
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian political theorist, economist, historian, philosopher, ethnographer and public figure. Born to a noble family of Petro Yakymovych Drahomanov who was of a Cossack descent. A special attention should be paid to the Galician periof of life. he was trying to "awake" Galician public life, to raise the level of public consciousness. He personally influenced a handful of younger Ukrainian intellectuals in Habsburg Galicia in the late 1870s, first of all Ivan Franko and Mykhailo Pavlyk, both of whom accepted his ideas although reworked them later according to their own mould. In 1890 these intellectuals founded the first Ukrainian political party - Ruthenian-Ukrainian Radical Party.