Dzieduszycki Wlodzimierz

Activity: patron
Years: 1825 - 1899
Community: ukrainian
Polish noble of Ukrainian origin, landowner, naturalist, political activist, collector and patron of arts. He was one of the richest magnate in Galicia. In 1885 Wlodzimierz and Alfonsyna Dzieduszycki possessed 78 110 morgens of land (a unit of measurement of land which equals approximately 0.2 to 1 ha; used from 13th century in Ukraine on the lands that belonged to the Kingdom of Poland, The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and in Western Ukraine till 1939) and realty of above 7 million gold rynski (common in Ukraine, especially in Galicia, name of the Austrian and German currency - the guilder). The estates of this family were located on the area of Austria-Hungary, German Empire and Russian Empire. In Lviv Dzieduszycki had a palace on Kurkova Str. (nowadays it is Lysenka Street; the building places a Staff of Western Operational Command Air Force) and a house on Teatralna Str. He was elected to the Sejm (Diet) of Galicia three times (1861, 1867, 1877). In 1857 he transferred his collections to Lviv and in 1868 placed them in the stone-house on Teatralna Street. In 1880 he granted his museum to the city of Lviv. The Count’s Museum was the richest institution of its kind in Eastern Europe and a unique example of a holistic image of nature, geology and folklore of Galicia. His private collections form the basis of exhibitions in the State Museum of Natural Studies of NAS of Ukraine (National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine) and in the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts in Lviv.