Eutele Paul

Activity: sculptor
Years: 1804 - 1889
Community: german
Lviv sculptor of german origin , master of the memorial sculpture. He moved to Lviv in 1828. He is the author of such sculptures and decorative reliefs on the buildings in Lviv as “War and Peace” (1850) over the portal of the buildings on 10 Teatralna Str.; sculptures in niches on the façade of St. Sophia Church; decorations of Venhlinske source-fountain in Pohulianka Park (1839); over 60 tombstones in the Lychakiv cemetery, in particular, neo-Gothic tombstone of the Armenian Archbishop Cyril Samuel Stefanovich, tombstones of Anton Schimser, Obolochynski sisters, Jozef Ivanovych, Saravelli husband and wife, Anton Tarnavskii.