Havryliuk Oleksander

Activity: writer
Years: 1911 - 1941
Community: ukrainian
In 1929 he joined the Communist Party of Western Belarus. He was arrested 14 times in 1929-39, twice he was in Polish concentration camp Bereza - Kartuzska from which in 1939 he was released by Red Army. He was a member of the literary group "Grono". Such writers as Yaroslav Galan and Stephen Tudor also were members of this group. The poem "Prisoners' memories" (1929) of Oleksander Havryliuk became the song of the communist political prisoners in Polish prisons. Oleksander Havryliuk died along with his family on the first day of the German attack on the Soviet Union in Lviv from accidental exposure of a german bomb to the group of Galician writers. Along with him were killed Stephen Tudor and his wife , Stanislaw Franciszek - Paretskyy and Zofia Hazhevska . The manuscript of Oleksander Havryliuk's the only major novel written by in 1941, disappeared after his death. In 1957 one of the streets in Kyiv was named after him. He was buried at Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv.