Hochberger Juliusz

Activity: architect
Years: 1840 - 1905
Community: polish
He is considered to be a Lviv atchitect. Since 1877 ha was a member of Polytechnic Siciety in Lviv. Hochberger took part in Calician Krayova Exhibition. In 1894 was awarded the Order of the Iron Crown of 3 rd class for merits before city. Works by Hochberger: The Diet of Galicia (1877-1881, now Lviv National University of Ivan Franko), gymnasium No. 3 of Franz Josef (after 1918 — of Stephen Báthory) at Kniazia Romana St., High school at 2 Shukhevycha St. St. Martyn school at 6 Zhovkivska St., St. Mary Magdalene school at the intersection of Bandery, henerala Chuprynky and Verbytskoho Streets, St. Anne school at the intersection of Leontovtcha and Horodotska Streets, school of Stanisław Staszic at 45 Lesi Ukrayinky St., school of Adam Mickiewicz at 15 Teatralna St., building of the insurance company, later Austrian commercial and industrial loan bank at 14 Sichovykh Striltsiv St., branch of the Krakow insurance company "Florianka" at 16 Sichovykh Striltsiv St., restoration project of the Gun Powder Tower (about 1895), Neogothic gate of the Lychakiv Cemenery.