Hrushevskyi Mykhailo

Activity: politician
Years: 1866 - 1934
Community: ukrainian
He was born in Holm , now Poland. He was the chairman of the Central Rada of the Ukrainian People's Republic ( 1917-18 ). The longstaning head of the Scientific Society by Shevchenko in Lviv (1897-1913) , department chair of history school at Lviv University (1894-1914) , full member of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1914), AUAN (1923 ) (All Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) and Academy of Sciences in the USSR ( 1929), the author of over 2000 scientific papers. In 1894, on the recommendation of V. Antonovich, Hrushevskyi was appointed as ordinary professor of the school of "World history with a single generalization of the history of Eastern Europe" at Lviv University. In Lviv Hrushevskyi began an active scientific and public activities in Shevchenko Scientific Society, which began work as far back as in 1892 with. He led the historical and philosophical section of the Shevchenko Scientific Society , founded and headed the Scientific Society Archaeological Commission. In early 1897 Hrushevskyi was elected as a chairman of the Shevchenko Scientific Society . During 1897-98 Mykhailo Hrushevskyi wrote the first volume of his fundamental work - "History of Ukraine -Rus" and by the end of 1898 this work was published in Lviv. Being in Galicia, Hrushevskiy tried to stay away from politics, but in 1899 he and I. Franko joined the Ukrainian National Democratic Party and led the city office . In 1904 Hrushevskyi opened on his own private funds teachers' seminary in Colomyia . Today in Lviv there is a monument to Mykhailo Hrushevskyi , Museum of M.Hrushevskyi and street of M.Hrushevskyi .