Ivasiuk Volodymyr

Activity: composer
Years: 1949 - 1979
Community: ukrainian
He was a very popular Ukrainian songwriter, composer and poet. He is the author and composer of the widely popular song “Chervona Ruta”. Ivasyuk moved to Lviv to formally study composition at the Lviv Conservatory of Music. Upon graduation from the medical institute, he worked as a doctor, and joined the post-graduate courses at the Department of Pathological Physiology to work for his next degree. In Lviv Volodymyr created the songs: "I am your wing", "Two rings", "Ballad about mallow", "Ballad about two violins". On May 18, 1979 Ivasyuk was found hanged in a forest located on the outskirts of Lviv. The official cause of death was listed as suicide but the exact circumstances of his death remain unknown to this day. He is buried at Lychakivskiy Cemetery. In 2009, President Victor Yushchenko awarded Ivasyuk the Hero of Ukraine medal posthumously. The President also reopened the criminal investigation into Ivasyuk's death.