Kajetanowicz Dionizy

Activity: religious leader
Years: 1878 - 1954
Community: armenian
He was a Galician Armenian religious leader, a priest of the Latin and Armenian rites Kapitulna vicar, the last manager of the Lviv archdiocese of the Armenian Catholic Church. He died in a Soviet concentration camp. In 1896 he entered the Franciscan Order, taking the monastic name Roman. In 1938 Lviv’s Armenian rite Archbishop Joseph Theophilus Teodorovich died. Dionizy Kajetanowicz became the administrator of the Archdiocese. April 13, 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo for harboring Jews. Poisoned in November 18, 1954 in exile (camp near the village Abez in contemporary Komi Republic , Russia). He was posthumously rehabilitated in August 10, 1994.