Korniakt Konstanty

Activity: merchant
Years: 1517 - 1603
Community: greek
Korniakt was a Greek born merchant and a Polish nobleman, active throughout Central and Eastern Europe; a leaseholder of royal tolls who collected customs duty on behalf of the king. During his lifetime he was the wealthiest man in Lviv and even owned numerous villages. He was a wholesale merchant and founder of the Korniakt family dynasty. He settled in the city of Lviv, where he took over a business of his older brother Michael. The King of Poland Sigismund II Augustus granted him official title of nobility on February 12, 1571 as szlachcic Konstanty Korniakt, also awarded a number of other privileges. Korniakt was a patron of architecture and built a magnificent house near the market, which later was rebuilt by John III Sobieski and is now known as the Korniakt Palace. He also expanded the Wallachian church and funded its famous tower. He was an ardent follower of the Orthodox Church and defended its interests maintaining friendly relations with other Christian denominations. Constantine Korniakt died in 1603, his son subsequently sold part of his estate an land in Lviv, and his brother Alexander Korniaktow left and moved to the property he inherited from his parents in Przemysl.