Kos-Anatolskyi Anatol

Activity: composer
Years: 1909 - 1938
Community: ukrainian
Kos-Anatolskyi was a Ukrainian composer, People's Artist of Ukraine (1969), deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, laureate of USSR State Prize named after Taras Shevchenko. Studying at the Stanislavsky school he created the choir. In 1931 Kos-Anatolskyi graduated from the Lviv University, and in 1934 - Lviv Conservatory. In 1930 he was a member of the popular in Lviv "Capella Jablonski". In times of war he was in Western Ukraine. After the Second World War Kos-Anatolskyi was a member of the Lviv regional branch of the Union of the Ukrainian Soviet Composers, worked as concertmaster at Lviv Drama Theatre, and from 1952 – at Lviv Conservatory of Mykola Lysenko. In addition, Anatoly Kos- Anatolsky is the author of a number of concerts and popular choruses ("New Verkhovyna", "In the mountains of the Carpathians", etc.), solo songs, ballads. He is buried at the Lychakiv cemetery.