Krysa Oleh

Activity: violinist
Years: 1942 -
Community: ukrainian
Krysa is a Ukrainian American violinist, Merited Artist of Ukraine. In 1945, as a result of the so-called Operation Vistula, Oleh's family found itself in Lviv, where he grew up and spent his school years. Although none of the family had any professional music background, his mother, who was often heard singing, wanted young Oleh to play violin, although his father preferred that he learned to play piano. Thus, at the age of six, Oleh started learning to play the violin. After graduating from the Moscow Conservatory, Oleh Krysa performed as a soloist at the Kiev Philharmonic, at the same time teaching at the Kiev Conservatory. Six years later, he again headed for Moscow, where he joined the renowned Beethoven Quartet as the first violinist. He played with the ensemble until it dissolved in 1987. Since the 1960s, Oleh Krysa has continued to perform as a soloist with leading orchestras and chamber ensembles throughout the world.