Kulchytska Olena

Activity: painter
Years: 1877 - 1967
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian graphic artist, painter. In 1894 she completed her 8-years study at school in the Monastry of Benedictines . During a few months between 1901-1902 together with her sister Olha, she visited Lviv Industrial Art School. Soon Olha joined the Lviv Studio of artists - Realism representatives. In 1907 she graduated from Art Academy in Vienna. For the first time in Lviv Olena Kulchytska’s work was represented at the exhibition in 1909. She greatly succeeded with such paintings: "Harvest", "Children with the candles", portrait “To the piligrimate", numerous landscapes, still lives. The etchings “At the lamp", “At the well", woodcuts “Dovbush", “Winter", many linocuts made ukrainian painting closer to Europe. Her way of design was used by Gold Fund of Ukrainian book illustration (“The Tale of Igor's Campaign”,” Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, “Mykyta the Fox”). She illustrated the three-volume work of ethnographer Vasyl Stefanyk. She was a co-founder of “Stryhovir” museum in Przemysl, where during some period she lived and worked. There is Museum of Olena Kulchytska on 7 Lystopadovogo Chynu Street in Lviv.