Kurmanovych Viktor

Activity: military activist
Years: 1876 - 1945
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian politician and military leader, the commander of the Zhovkva Group of Galician Army (GA) and later the Southern Group. After the local elementary school he was enrolled into the Infanteriekadettenschule Lobzow (Cadet school). Upon graduating from the cadet school Kurmanovych studied at the Austrian Military Academy in Vienna. He was the officer of the Austrian-Hungarian army and then promoted to the General of Galician army. From February 1919 Kurmanovych performed the duties of State Secretary of the Ukrainian People's Republic. In 1923 the General settled in Vienna. During interwar period Kurmanovych was an active member of social and political life of Ukrainian emigration and military organizations’ activities. He closely cooperated with Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) headed by Yevhen Konovalets, performed the deputy duties of the head of Ukrainian National Organization in Germany, organized many events within military emigration. In the years of the World War II he was one of the organizers of Ukrainian Division “Galicia”.