Leo I of Galicia

Activity: king
Years: 1228 - 1308
He was famous as Prince of Przemysl (1240 - 1269), Prince of Belz (1245 - 1269), Prince of Galicia- Volyn Principality (1264-1269), King of Russia (1269-1301), Grand Prince of Kyiv (1271-1301), son of King Daniel of Galicia. After the death of King Danylo (1264) inherited the Duchy of Przemysl and Lviv (city is named after Leo I of Galicia), which, according to the chronicle by B. Zymorovych and other ancient documents, he founded and built there a high castle, low lock, Prince's Palace. In 1272 he moved the capital of Rus’ to the city of Lviv. He supported diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and the Teutonic Order. He annexed a part of Zakarpattia and Mukachevo to Rus (around 1280) and Lublin land (about 1292).