Lewinski Jan

Activity: architect
Years: 1851 - 1919
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian architect, educator, entrepreneur and social activist. He was born in Ivano-Frankivsk. In 1868 Lewinski entered the Lviv Academy of Engineering on the construction department and graduated 1875. From 1901 he was a professor of construction of Lviv Polytechnic School, from 1909 - professor of the Polytechnic. In 1885 he together with Julian Zachariewicz bought lands in so called Kastelivka, north-western part of the city. At that time it was an undeveloped area on the outskirts of the city, overgrown with trees and shrubs. Here, near the modern 58 Henerala Chuprynky Street of he organized building store. Gradually Lewinski starts creating his own production, referring primarily to traditional crafts. His architectural style was Ukrainian modernism. The buildings, projected by Lewinski are located at modern Henerala Chuprynky, Kotsiubynskoho (house No. 21), Ruskiy (house No. 20), Mykoly Lysenka, Riepina (house No. 1), Shota Rustaveli, Stepana Bandery, Maksyma Kryvonosa Streets, Svobody and Tarasa Shevchenka Prospects, palaces of Rylskyi and Didushytskyi families, George hotel and others.