Liudkevych Stanislav

Activity: composer
Years: 1879 - 1979
Community: polish
He was a Ukrainian composer, theorist, teacher, and musical activist. He was the People's Artist of the USSR in 1969. He earned a Ph.D. in musicology in Vienna, 1908. From 1898 to 1907 he studied philosophy in the Lviv University. Although he initially learned music theory privately from his mother who was a pianist, Lyudkevych studied with Mieczyslaw Soltys in Lviv and with O. Tsemlinsky and H. Hredener in Vienna. From 1901, Lyudkevych worked as a teacher in Lviv and Przemyśl. From 1905 to 1907, Lyudkevych was an editor of the magazine "Artistic Bulletin". He was one of the organizers of the higher musical institute in Lviv named after Mykola Lysenko, in 1910—1915 he was its director, and from 1919, teacher of theoretical disciplines and inspector of legal entities. He worked with the choirs Boyan, Bandurist, Surma. In 1936, Lyudkevych became head of the musicological commission of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. In 1939-72, he was a professor in the institute named after Mykola Lysenko. He died on September 10, 1979 in Lviv.