Lysenko Mykola

Activity: composer
Years: 1842 - 1912
Community: ukrainian
He was a Ukrainian composer, pianist, conductor and ethnomusicologist. The most famous works of Lysenko are “Bozhe Vevykyi Yedynyi” (words by Oleksander Konyskyi), the opera “Taras Bulba”, “Natalka Poltavka”, Second Piano Rhapsody, Elegy for piano, cantatas “Biut porohy”, “Raduisia, nyvo nepolytaya” (words by Taras Shevchenko) and others. Today the is Lviv National Academy of Music of Mykola Lysenko in Lviv. This is one of the oldest in Europe and the oldest in Ukraine musical institution, founded in 1853. There is a street, named after his name.