Lyzhychko Ruslana

Activity: musician
Years: 1973 -
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian singer, songwriter, producer, musical conductor, pianist, dancer, voice actress and social activist. World Music Award winning and MTV Europe Music Award nominated artist, holding the title of People's Artist of Ukraine. While being a pupil she sang in band Orion and the children’s ensemble “Smile”. After finishing children musical school, Ruslana entered the Lviv Conservatory where she graduated as a classical pianist and symphonic orchestra conductor in 1995. She was the student of one of the most prominent Ukrainian composers and conductors, Mykola Kolessa who is regarded as 'the father of the Ukrainian conducting school', Mykola Skoryk, Yrii Lutsiv, Larysa Buzhko, Yrii Bon. In 2004 she won the Eurovision Song Contest.