Mentsynskyi Modest

Activity: opera singer
Years: 1875 - 1935
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian opera singer, tenor . He was born in the village of Novosilky (now Mostyska district, Lviv region). From 1896 until 1899 he studied at the Lviv Theological Seminary. He mastered the art of singing under the guidance of professors of the Lviv Conservatory Valerian Vysotskyi and Julius Stockhausen in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). On vacations Modest visited Galicia and had concerts in Przemysl and Lviv , Stanislav (Ivano- Frankivsk) , Striy, Ternopil, and other cities. In the 1904-1908 he was the first tenor of the Royal Opera in Stockholm. He had concerts in London at the Royal Covent Garden. In 1903 and during 1908-1909 he sang at the Lviv Opera House.