Mikoliash Petro

Activity: chemist
Years: 1805 - 1873
Community: polish
At the age of 21 after the finishing pharmaceutical department of the University of Vienna he moved to Lviv. Talented guy immediately got a job in "Under the Golden Star” pharmacy. After the pharmacy owner’s death , Petro became its director, and after marriage the widow, the pharmacy passed completely at his disposal . Due to his efforts the pharmacy became famous in all Galicia. But the greatest achievement was the invention of substance that "illuminated the whole Europe ." In 1853, thanks to Johann Zehand and Ignacy Lukasiewicz appeared an amazing stuff - kerosene. Becoming rich by the profits from pharmacy, Mikoliash family decided to expand their possession and initiated the construction of a luxurious passage near the pharmacy which is known as the Mikoliash Passage. Already in 1913, appeared one more extraordinary architectural ensemble which immediately was dubbed the Crystal Palace because of its glass roof. There were shops, restaurants, offices, companies, cofeebar, conference room, the Society of Arts. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the bomb fallen on the passage completely destroyed it.