Ossoninski Maksymilian

Activity: письменник, історик
Years: 1748 - 1826
Community: polish
He was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and politician. He was Chamberlain of Sandomierz (1633), Treasurer of the Crown Court (1636–1648), Castellan of Czersk (1648) and Starost of Bieck and Malbork. From 1772 he lived in Galicia and advocated the development of education. In 1817 he founded in Lviv cultural and educational institutions - Ossolieum. In 1827 the private collection of the scientist was moved to Lviv, which, according to the will was handed to the city. Private library of the earl Ossolinski counted over 10 thousand books, 552 manuscripts, 133 maps and 1,445 prints. The building of former Carmelite church was bought for the library, built in 18 century.