Petrushevych Antin

Activity: politician
Years: 1821 - 1913
Community: ukrainian
Historian, philologist, researcher of history of Galicia, UGCC priest, was one of the Western Ukrainian Russophiles. He was born in the village Dobriany in Lviv region. Studied at Lviv University and Greek Catholic Teological Seminary. In 1847 he was ordained as priest. He was a private secretary to metropolitan Mykhailo Levytskyi. Firstly he focused his mind mostly on the researches about the history of church in Galicia. Later on Petrushevych explored Slavic philology, ethnography, study of archaeological sites and archivalrarities. In 1848 he leaded the historical section at the Synod of Ruthenian scientists. Collecting books and printed anciently books was one of his favourite activity. Even while serving as the ambassador of Austrian parliamentin Vienna, all his money he spent for buying books.