Rapoport Shlomo Yehula Leib

Activity: religious activist
Years: 1790 - 1867
Community: jew
The rabbi , historian and one of the founders of the modern science of Judaism , leader of the Haskalah in Galicia. Rapoport opposed Galician Maskils who were trying to “enlighten” Jewish masses by force and used denouncements and paskvils in order to receive support from the government. Rapoport was the head of the Lviv progressivists community and this became a reason why in 1816 a group of hasids pronounced him and his confederates herem (having posted reports about it with a doctored signature of a city rabbi). His works in one line with the works of N. Krokhmal, Sh.D.Lutsato , Ts.H. Haies who created the Hebrew branch in the science of Judaism (so-called hohmat -Israel ), emphasised the importance of Jewish heritage.