Shaskkevych Makrkiyan

Activity: writer
Years: 1811 - 1843
Community: ukrainian
He was a priest of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, a poet, a translator, and the leader of the literary revival in Right Bank Ukraine. n 1832, they organized a group of students aimed at the rise of the Ukrainian dialect free of Church Slavonic and alien 'styles' up to the literary language.[1] He graduated from the Greek Catholic Theological Seminary at University of Lviv in 1838 and worked as a priest in the rural Lviv powiat. During his studies he met Yakiv Holovatsky and Ivan Vahylevych, with whom he formed the Ruthenian Triad ( Ruska Triytsia). The activities of the Shashkevych circle constituted not only a literary phenomenon, but a social and democratic movement. Its greatest achievement was the publication of an almanac entitled Rusalka Dnistrova. After a short life, he was first buried at a Nowosiółki cemetery (The Bieszczady Mountains) in 1843, and then in 1891 his mortal remains were transferred to the Lychakivskiy Cemetery in Lviv.