Sheptytskyi Andrei

Activity: religious activist
Years: 1865 - 1944
Community: ukrainian
Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church from 1901 until his death in 1944. The future Metropolitan of Galicia was born into an aristocratic Ruthenian line, which in the 19th century had become polonized, Roman Catholic and French-speaking. Andrey Sheptytskyi took an active social and political position. He defended religious and national rights of Ukrainians. In 1901 he founded the monastery of Studite order and later in 1913 invited the Redemptorist fathers ministering in the Byzantine rite to come to Ukraine. He was the founder of Lviv Greek Catholic Academy (1928), Theological Academy (1929), Ukrainian Catholic Institute named after Metropolitan Rutskyi (1939). His most significant political achievement was an agreement with Poland on electoral reform in 1914, which increased the political representatives of Ukraine in Galician Sejm (Diet of Galicia). He founded the National museum in Lviv (on 20 Svobody Ave.). During World War II he harbored hundreds of Jews in his residence and in Greek Catholic monasteries (helped to hide over 300 Jewish children and Jewish valuable documents). He is buried in St. George's Cathedral in Lviv.