Skarbek Stanislav

Activity: patron
Years: 1780 - 1848
Community: austrian
It is one of the biggest theatrical buildings in Europe, which is only inferior (at the time it was opened) to the La Scala Theater in Milan and the Semperoper in Dresden. Stanislav Skarbek. The founder of Mariya Zankovetska Drama Theatre. It was the third largest theatre in Europe at that time. In 1883 the count of Austria-Hungary Stanislav Skarbek started the construction of new theatre in Lviv on his own funds. It was planned to locate a hotel with 300 rooms, small shops, coffee-houses, rooms for actors inside the theatre building. 16 000 of oak piles were hammered in moist soil during the construction. The official New Theatre opening was held on March, 28th in 1842 together with a big comedy performance of Polish dramatist Olexander Freder. T Soon Count Skarbek got privilege for its maintenance for a period of 50 years.