Slipyi Josef

Activity: religious leader
Years: 1892 - 1984
Community: ukrainian
Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church from November 1, 1944, Metropolitan Archbishop of Lviv and Galicia, from December 23, 1963 Archbishop of Lviv, Prior of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. In 1911 he entered the Lviv Theological Seminary. He met with Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy in Lviv. Since 1922 professor of Greek Catholic dogma of the Lviv Theological Seminary, since 1926 its rector. He organizer Theological Research Society in 1926, was his constant head. He had written a charter for the Society. Founder, editor of the magazine “Theology” in 1923. Built on behalf of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky a seminary. In April 14, 1929 became rector of the Lviv Theological Academy. The solemn inauguration took place on October 6, 1929.