Trush Ivan

Activity: painter
Years: 1869 - 1941
Community: ukrainian
He was a Ukrainian impressionist painter, a master of landscape and portraiture, an art critic, and active community patron of arts in Galicia or Halychyna - a historical region in western Ukraine. Trush was born in Verkhnye Vysotske, Lviv Oblast in 1869. His studies were undertaken between 1891-1897 at the Kraków Academy of Art under Jan Stanisławski and Leon Wyczółkowski. Trush also studied in Vienna (1894) and in Munich (1897). Starting from 1898, Trush lived and worked in Lviv where he became acquainted with Ivan Franko, a poet and writer. In 1899, his first art exhibit was presented to the public in Lviv. It was at this time that Trush became involved with the Shevchenko Scientific Society, for which he completed "a number of works of art, primarily portraits. Trush died in Lviv in 1941. van Trush - alongside such figures as ethnographers Volodymyr Hnatyuk, Filaret Kolessa, poet Ivan Franko, the museum's first director Illarion Svientsitsky - played a leading role in the establishment of the Lviv National Museum.