Vahylevych Ivan

Activity: poet
Years: 1811 - 1866
Community: ukrainian
UGCC’s priest, Ukrainian poet, philologist,specialist in folklore, ethnographer, social activist.One of the founder of new Ukrainian literature in Galicia. In association with Markiyan Shashkevych and Yakiv Holovatsky he formed the Ruthenian Triad. He was ordained as priest only after long 7 years of studying at Lviv Theological Seminary. He was a big democratic Polish-Ukrainian political federation sympathizerand supported a democratic Polish-Ukrainian political federation. Was an editor of newspaper “Dnevnik Ruskii” (Ruthenian journal) which belonged to ukrainian noble group “Sobor Ruskyi” (Ruthenian Essembly). On its columns he crearly expressed the base principles of modern Ukrainian nationalism. After the revolutioner’s defeat Vahylevych left parish. As a result he was deprived holy order by cardinal Mykhailo Levytskyi. Later that year he left the Uniate church in protest against the church hierarchy's sanctions against him and converted toLutheranism.He was a translator of Ukrainian, published his articles in the newspaper “Lvivska”, corrected speeches of deputies of Galyckyi Sejm. He was appointed to the city archives in Lviv in 1862 and worked there till death.