von Sacher-Masoch Leopold Ritter

Activity: writer
Years: 1836 - 1895
Community: austrian
He was an Austrian writer and journalist, who gained renown for his romantic stories of Galician life. The term masochism is derived from his name. During his lifetime, Sacher-Masoch was well known as a man of letters, a utopian thinker who espoused socialist and humanist ideals in his fiction and non-fiction. Most of his works remain untranslated into English. The novel Venus in Furs is his only book commonly available in English. Von Sacher-Masoch was born in the city then known as Lemberg as well as Lwów, the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, at the time a province of the Austrian Empire (now Lviv, Ukraine), into the Roman Catholic family. He studied law, history and mathematics at Graz University, and after graduating moved back to Lviv where he became a professor. In Galicia his works were widely read and held in high esteem.