Vrubel Tadeusz

Activity: arcitect
Years: 1886 - 1974
Community: polish
He was an architect, urbanist, teacher, representative of the Lviv school of architecture of the interwar period, one of the co-founders of Wroclaw Polytechnic. In 1898 he moved to Lviv, where in 1904 he graduated from high school. In the same year, he entered the Department of Architecture in Lviv Polytechnic. On July 17, 1912 he graduated , gaining the diploma of engineer and architect. He taught at the Lviv Art-Commercial School ( 1913-1914 ). By 1914 he stayed working at the department of building roads and railways as a teaching assistant. Vrube'ls works are: The corner building in Modern style on 2 Fredra Str., at the corner of the current Kniazia Romana Street; Building in Rational Modern style with elements of Classicism on the current 1 Yaworskogo Square; Pavilions for Clinic of Infectious Diseases on 45-56 Pekarska Str., and 14 Mechnikova Str; Dwelling house on 33 Horodotska Str. in Art-deko style; Art-deco interior of cafe in George Hotel in Lviv; Project of the development of "New Lviv " district; The house of Lviv City Department of the electric facilities in Functionalism style. Now it is Regional Security Service of Ukraine on 55 Vitovskogo Str., current Palace of Culture of H. Khotkevych in Funtionalism style on 1 Kushevycha Str.