Weigl Rudolf

Activity: scientist
Years: 1883 - 1957
Community: polish
Biologist and inventor of the first effective vaccine against epidemic typhus. His stepfather who was a high school teacher in the town of Stryi took care after Rudolf. So, Weigl finished this school in Stryi. Later on he studied at the Biology department at Lviv University of Jan Kazimierz taught by professor J. Nusbaum-Hilarowicz (1859 – 1917). After graduation, Weigl became Nusbaum's assistant there and was habilitated in the comparative zoology and anatomy department. In 1918 he made vaccine against typhus which saved many lives. But previously he experimented the vaccine on himself. Working under the project he infected with this desease two times. During World War II he worked in Lviv, occupied by Nazi, which caused to baseless accusation of collaboration (it was a reason why he couldn’t become Noble laureate)