Weiss Leopold

Activity: writer
Years: 1900 - 1992
Community: jew
Journalist, Islamic writer, diplomat, representative of Pakistan in the UN. Born to a Jewish family in Lviv and was a descendant of a long line of Jewish rabbis from Chernivtsi. He converted to Islam and chose for himself the Muslim name "Muhammad Asad". After the World War I Weiss Family moved to Vienna. A young man joined a Depatment of History of Art at Vienna University, although most of his time he spent at Vienna coffeehouses. In 1922 Weiss moved to the British Mandate of Palestine, staying in Jerusalem at the house of his maternal uncle Dorian Feigenbaum at his invitation. Feigenbaum was a psychoanalyst, and a disciple of Freud. In 1951 the government of Pakistan appointed him as the ambassador of the United Nation Organization. Every time when he met delegates from Israel he notably ignored them. That’s why he got a name “Jewish apostate”.