Witwer Hartman

Activity: sculptor
Years: 1774 - 1825
Community: austrian
Lviv sculptor of Classicism period. The creator of four sculptures (Neptune, Amphitrite, Diana and Adonis) located at the four corners of Rynok Square. A big influence on his work had appearance of memorial sculpture’s genre gravestone monument that was well-known and had honourable history. The rare samples of Witwer’s works decorate the alleys at Lychakiv cemetery. Witwer established a new type of gravestone monument in Lviv – sorrowful female bent over the urn. Among preserved tombstones he made there are monuments on the graves of M. Poninska, Shabingery family, K. Yablonovska (Latin Cathedral). On the facades of some stone-houses there are great samples of relief decorations made by Witwer (on 8 Vynnychenka, 10, 12 Shevska, 21 Virmenska).