Zachariewicz Alfred

Activity: architect
Years: 1871 - 1937
Community: polish
Lviv architect, artist and entrepreneur. He was born in Lviv to the family of architect Julian Zachariewicz. Studied in Lviv gymnasium named after Franz Joseph I, High School, Lviv Polytechnic, Vienna Polytechnic. Assistant at the Department of Constraction of Lviv Polytechnic. He worked at the design office of Ivan Levytskyi. From 1899 he was a member of Polytechnic Society in Lviv. In 1902 he founded his own architecture office and construction company in alliance with Józef Sosnowski and with Mikhal Filkenshtein as an engineer. His works include: Chamber of Commerce on 17 Akademichna Str. (nowadays it is Shevchenka Ave); residential house No. 17 on Valova Str.; entrance gate from Stryiskyi Park at the Regional Exhibition in Lviv; villa on 10 Barvinskyh Str.; the building of “Polish Academic House” on 7 Hertsena Str.; the house of Insurance Company “Triyesta” (3 Kopernyka Str.) and some others.