Zarytskyi Myron

Activity: mathematician
Years: 1889 - 1961
Community: ukrainian
Ukrainian mathematician, professor at the Lviv State University, active member of the Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society (1927), founder of the Ukrainian mathematical culture. In 1907, M. Zarytskyi entered the University of Vienna. Later on he moved to Lviv. M. Zarytskyi became a member of the student society “Academic Community”, later was a member of the “Ukrainian Student Union”. He worked first in Poland and later in the Ukrainian State Gymnasium. He continued to do research work, attended lectures of Psychology and Philosophy at the Lviv University, mathematics, astronomy. From December 1939 he began to work at Lviv University. M. Zarytskyi died August 19, 1961, buried at the Lychakiv cemetery.