Zeh Jan

Activity: chemist
Years: 1817 - 1897
Community: polish
Pharmacist, chemist, inventor of the refining industry in Ukraine (Galicia) and the whole world. He was born in Łańcut , modern Poland. Since 1844 he studied pharmacy at the University of Vienna. From 1848 Jan Zeh had been working at Lviv pharmacy “Pid Zolotoyu Rozoyu” ("Under the golden star") which was the largest pharmacy in Galicia at those times. In 1852 the pharmacy owner Petro Mikolyash established chemical and pharmaceutical laboratory there. He instructs to Jan Zeh make the distillation of petroleum. After many weeks of laboratory experiments Jan Zeh successfully perform the task, carries oil distillation and purification of brine into separate factions. March 30, 1853 at the pharmacy “Pid Zolotoyu Rozoyu” ("Under the golden star") on a modern 1 Kopernyka St. (now pharmacy number 24), in a tin lamp, made by Lviv tinman Adam Bratkowski, the resulting petroleum was lighted up.